CPM cadre’s family face tribal ire

RAMPURHAT, Feb 16 : A CPI-M leader's family has been boycotted by villagers since the last 12 days after one of his family member allegedly beat up a tribal woman. The incident took place in Birbhum's Kirtipur village in Rampurhat area.

The family of the CPI-M leader Mr Sib Tudu has not been allowed to take drinking water from the village's tube wells and to buy commodities from village's grocer.

According to reports, 15 days back, Mr Tudu's son-in-law, Mr Mashe Tudu, allegedly beat up his aunt, Mrs Monika Tudu, after two families had a fight. After the incident, the woman victim complained against Mr Mashe Tudu and his father-in-law to the village's Mostagirs (tribal leaders). A meeting was called to punish the family. A day after, it was decided that the family would be boycotted.

“On 3 February, villagers boycotted my family members socially. My children can't go to school and we are not allowed to take drinking water from wells nor are we allowed to buy grocery. Lastly, I appealed to police to look into the matter,” said Mr Sib Tudu.

Mr Tudu was a former panchayat member of Kirtipur village. The Mostagir, Mr Munsi Kisku, said that they took the decision to boycott the family after Mr Tudu allegedly declined to pay a fine of Rs 240. This is our ancient culture and we will carry on like this, he said.

“Today the BDO and police went to talk to the villagers. If villagers are adamant, the administration will take steps to save the family,” said Mr Amitabha Sengupta, SDO, Rampurhat.