Journey from a tribal village to IIT

New Delhi, Feb 16 : Recession is proving to be a bad time for placements, and even IIT graduates haven't fared well with only one out of every two students getting offers.

But here is a story of remarkable grit and determination of a student, Lohar Sai Nag, who has come from a remote tribal village. Despite tremendous odds, he fought his way through school and got through the IIT. Now he has two job offers and is dreaming big.

"I come from a village where none goes to school. I worked as a child labour for a while," said Lohar.

From a small Chhattisgarh village to the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi, it has been an amazing journey for Lohar Sai Nag. He's graduating this year and already has two offers despite the recession. Loha says the journey from his tribal village, Sukavans, to IIT hasn't been easy. He is the first one in his family to go to school.

"One day my mother got some food from Anganwadi. I liked the food so my mother began to send me to the government school where I used to get the food. There used to be huge crisis for money, but I always stood first since school," said Lohar.

Lohar managed to get through school with scholarships and then did his B Tech from Raipur. After working for a while, Loha decided to do his post graduation from IIT. And at a time when only 55 per cent of IITians have been placed, two offers are testament to his hard work.

"I feel really proud of myself. I feel great about it," said Lohar.

And after fulfilling most of his dreams, he's now dreaming big for his village.

"I want to start a scholarship for talented students of my village because there is no opportunity for them," said Lohar.

Lohar has struggled all through his life to reach where he is now. So he strongly feels that the government should start scholarships for first generation learners like him to ensure that those who are deserving get an opportunity to show their talent.

"If the government identifies such first generation learners and give them scholarships, then there won't be any need for caste-based reservations, as this will help give chance to deserving candidates," said Lohar.