Internet boon to tribal youth seeking employment

Ahmedabad, Feb 16 : The internet has turned to be a major boon for the tribal youth of the state, as a survey detailing their working skills has been made online, making it easy for prospective employers to recruit them.

A couple of employers have also shown interest in recruiting the tribal youth by using the survey 'Migration and Skill Assessment of Tribal Youths', conducted by the Tribal Research and Training Institute (TRTI) of Gujarat Vidyapith with the Development Support Agency of the state.

Coming out of age-old orthodoxy, the tribal youth of Gujarat for the first time have expressed their choice of profession and willingness to migrate to urban pockets, in the state-sponsored survey.

"The prime focus of the survey was to identify the skills of tribal youths, and find out the kind of profession they aspire to seek training in," TRTI Director Chandrakant Upadhayay told PTI.

"During the three-month-long survey over the 3.69 lakh tribal youths, primarily in the 18-30 age group, across 12 districts, 43 talukas and 5,200 villages of the state, were covered," he added. "We have put the entire survey online for prospective recruiters," Upadhayay said.