Monpas In Arunachal Pradesh Conserve Forests

One of the best forms for environmental conservation happens when natives are involved. They are best able to gauge the situation, look for solutions and implement it well. The Monpas in western Arunachal Pradesh have declared of their forest as Community Conserved Areas. It consists of meadows, forests, rivers and snow-capped peaks.

There are more than 200 species of birds, and many other fauna. Endangered flora and fauna, too, find a home in this region. You can spot the Red Panda, endangered black-neck crane, musk deer, blue sheep and black bear. The place has a concentration of rare, world-class orchids. Alpine and coniferous forests are prominent.

The community depends on the forest for its livelihood, and in turn, the forest can benefit from the people’s watch over it. All the original tribals, or ‘people of the forests’, revere the trees and beings in the forest. Such close association provides a means of symbiotic relationship.

Inevitably, the area becomes a tourist destination. It works both ways: economic means as well as spread of awareness among tourists. Tourists can go mountain climbing and trekking and set up forest camps. At 4,500m above sea level, Potok is the highest trekking area. You can hire a guide, too. Don’t worry about your stay – homestays located deep in the forests will be an exhilarating experience.