No dalit angle to Dinakaran issue: Prashant Bhushan

BANGALORE: Corruption and integrity were the issues in the complaint against high court chief justice P D Dinakaran, and there was no dalit angle
to it, Supreme Court advocate Prashant Bhushan said here on Saturday.

"It is wrong to give a dalit angle to this issue. Nobody is opposed, and we are the last persons to do so, because he is a dalit. In fact, we want to promote backward sections of society to higher positions of authority in society. That does not mean corrupt persons, whatever their caste, should get undue advantage. It's purely a question of integrity," he said.

Speaking at a seminar on `Appointment and retirement of judges' organized by the Forum For Judicial Accountability, Karnataka, he said if CJ Dinakaran decides to sit in the absence of any probe under the Judges Inquiry Act to look into the issue, the only available option is initiation of impeachment motion.

Senior advocate Subramanya Jois said transparency is needed in judicial appointments. Former bar council chairman Y R Sadashiva Reddy said the practice of rehabilitating retired judical officers should be stopped. Freedom fighter H S Doreswamy said doubts about a judge's integrity should not be allowed to linger.