Tantya Mama, Tantia Bhil or Tantya as he is called in the Oral Tradition of the Bhils, is a great unknown saint of the Bhils or the ancient indigenous peoples of India Tantia Bhil was a selfless leader, Indigenous hero and dauntles freedom fighter of the national rank who fought against the British Powers, in his own way organising the local armies of the Bhils, This great hero today who deserves to be nationally honoured by placing this honourable leader's life size portrait, in the Central Hall of the Indian National Parliament. Tantia hails from the illiterate Bhil society of Nimar. Some centuries back the whole region of Malwa, Nimar, Khandesh, Nagar, Gujarat was densely populated by great Bhils who had encounters with Marathas, Britishe peoples and others They were local powers, hence proved to be imminent threatsor threats to the emerging powers as in many walks being seen even today and hence as a consequence in the past centuries, suffered suppressions alll through in the history. A fact visible even today in the different Bhil regions even in the working of the NGOS But Tanya Bhil and his patriotic Bhil companions, over looking over looking his own resources and the histoical enemity with the rest of the castes and folks in the nation, saw the foreign enemy as a threat to the country and battled fearlessly all through his shorlt lived life. Even though he was illiterate but whad great vision and daring.

Madhya Pradesh Government has rightly recognised his worth and brought out much literature both on audio-video and in print as well. Many schoars have paid attention to this forgotten but significant personality of the indigenous people in the nationa, as a national hero. Today a lots of literature is availabe on Tantia Bhil in Hindi, English, Marathi and Gujarati including in the oral tradition of the Bhils. And much more is in preparation. A good feature film in Hini, English, Marathi, and Gujarati awaits to inspire and awaken, affirm and encourage, also associate with the patriotic values found in the indignous populations of India for the youth of today Tantia Bhil needs to be introduced as a National and indigenous hero in the school and college text books. His spirituality to be introduced to the nation which exceeds even many of the political leaders and even christian missionaries of today in tribal region espcially in the Bhil regions. What has been done for Tantya Mama or Tantya Bhil today is only a drop in the ocean and not enough for honouring Tantya the Great Bhil and recognising indigenous peoples of India namely SC, ST & OBC and in particular context the Bhils. Important roads, building, markets, valleys, schools, colleges, research institutes, games awards, tribal olympics, copetitions, must be named instituted and initiated in justice and equality to perpetuate the rightful memory of Tanya Bhil including his his self sacrificing cmpanions. He was the father of the indigenous peoples as a whole. And much more remains to be done locally for Tantia Bhil and other Bhil or Indigenous heroes from Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.This fact also equally applies to the other tribal or the indignous peoples heroes in India who are unjustly ignored by the other peoples in the indigneous peoples area. A great injustice is being done this way to the lacking social, cultural and psychological affirmation. Only this way we can restore the dignity to the indignous peoples and harm done tothem in the past. This will pave way to restore partially the cultural and historical rights of the Bhils, SC, ST & OBC. Also this will be perfect model of the national integration of the indignenous communities in India. Will the present national political parties give hid to the human, social and cultural rights of the indignous peoples of India in this way......?