Probe demanded in sale of tribal land in Orissa

Bhubaneswar, Jul 27 A Congress MLA today demanded a probe into the purchase of tribal land in Orissa's Jharsguda district, claiming that middlemen continue to grab such land in a fraudulent manner despite laws to protect the tribals from exploitation.

The party's senior tribal member Dambaru Ullaka speaking on an adjournment motion in the Assembly said 10 acre of tribal land was bought in name of a tribal in Jharsuguda district where a big aluminium project was coming up.

The tribal who purchased the land did not have the capacity to pay the above Rs 2.64 crore price, he alleged and demanded a probe into the deal.

The MLA said he suspected "people from the aluminium company" to be behind the deal.

"Middlemen under protection of politicians and industries were grabbing tribal land," he alleged. "Orissa's growth is tribals' miseries.