Are Dalits abolished in India?

Are Dalits abolished in India?
Dalits in India, are they abolished? The subject is very important and vast. Its roots are deep and stalwarts who required abolishing it are many. Reams and reams of papers have been used to deal with this subject. This is also a gold mine for politicians to mint money in advocating dalit’s nightmares.
Nevertheless, the evils against dalits still exist in India due rampantly corrupt system since Hindus are divided as upper and lower Class. Upper always vied with lower castes mostly dalits (socially puny-weak). The dalits are ostracized and forced embrace an alien faith. While the embrace alien faith, atrocities are doubly increased.
On a close analysis, it has roots in the Vedas the religious books of Hinduism divided into four. Rig Veda (Rules and regulations of Religion) Yajur Veda (Medicine) Atarva Veda (Commerce) Sama Veda (Warfare).
Again the Vedas divide the people as Brahmins(dominant Hindus) as one who has to deal with religion and to be close to gods and goddesses(2)Shatriya-one has to deal with politics and warfare (3)Vaishya-one has to deal with commerce (4) Shudra-one has to deal with cleansing. In addition, this Shudra caste has to do even as scavenger, sweepers, cobler, drumbeaters, funeral attender but the Brahmins and others have to remain aloof not to do these menial works. Since their profession is considered to the religion only.
A word “paraiah” has been borrowed from Tamil,a south Indian Language to English lexicon, which outlines as under and it has to be scored off from the dictionary (Webster’s College Dictionary).
paraiah” /peuhruy”euh/
1. Outcast.
2. any person or animal that is generally despised or avoided.
(This word is legally banned and any one abuses is subject to imprisonment: One of the elite, highly educated parliamentarians once used this word in public and the matter became highly controversial).
Mahatma Gandhi christened a beautiful name “Harijan” meaning “People of God”. Muslims never address scavengers as “scavenger” but address them as “Halal Khoor” meaning “Rightly earned food”
These demarcation had led to complications, nonetheless, as the days advanced the great attribution of higher education and evolved thinking, Hindus of India and its leaders like Rajaram Mohan Roy, Mahatma Gandhi, Periyar E.V.Ramasamy and many, a revolution exploded and realized that all caste systems must be abolished.
Nevertheless, hearts in heart most of the Hindus remain glued to the Vedic systems and the orthodox abhor the dalits. Some of selfish politician guise as true crusader of dalits but a facade and masquerade. Most of the politicians even belonging to the dalits are multimillionaire in India and they are in key post only poor dalits are gullible.
Most Dalits women are subjected to sexual abuse and children are bonded labours and are victims of pedophiles. While some upper caste men keep the dalit males as untouchables, mockingly dalit women serve as concubines to higher cates, their feminity being very sweet.
The Government has a separate ministry for them as scheduled caste and scheduled tribes with educational concessions in marks and reserved job opportunities. Paradoxically while the system envisages boosting up these downtrodden mass, again the caste system erupts to categorise whether the subject really belongs to a scheduled caste or scheduled tribe.
A caste certificate is considered necessary to appraise the genuine position of the candidate to avail the Governments benefits. Unfortunately, the malpractice and corruption now also play a role to stamp community certificate to an incorrect persons. There are reserved regions (constituencies) from where only schedule castes and schedules tribes should contests the elections.
A few of the Presidents of India and judges are from dalits only. The only first woman Parliament Speaker who is dalit in 15th Lok Sabha is Meira Kumar.
A dalit to ladder up to a key position is said to be not that easy and he or she has to overcome many of the ordeals chiefly the upper caste chauvinists. Most of the North Indian Hindus are not favoring the Reservations System and an acrimony is wily felt as most of the meritorious candidates lose government sponsored job opportunities.