'I was gang raped'

AJMER, Mar 5 : A Dalit woman, who was stripped and beaten up by the villagers of Moyada in Masuda block of Ajmer last week, has alleged that the heads of community had not only publicly humiliated her but also gang raped her in the name of punishment that night. She moved an application in a court in Beawar describing her trauma.

"They raped me for hours in the village and not a single man came to my rescue," she said. She wrote in the application that after humiliating her openly in the village in the night, she was taken to a room where Bhanwar Singh, Hari Singh and Puna Ram raped her for more than three hours. They also put chilly powder in her eyes. Meanwhile, others were standing outside the door and keeping a watch on the surroundings to ensure that nobody intervened.

The court has ordered registration of rape cases against the accused and asked the police to arrest them immediately.

The woman, a resident of Moyada village, had been charged by her husband Mithu of having illicit relationships with others. On last Thursday, the panchayat of the Bhambi community gathered in the village and they pronounced a verdict that she should be tied by a tree and villagers beat her black and blue.

"She came to us and told the reality and we took her to court. The court on Wednesday ordered the arrest of all the accused in the case," said Ramesh Chandra Bansal, district coordinator of Dalit Adhikar Kendra. He said that they took her for medical examination. "Even I told the facts to the police but they registered a simple case against my husband and in-laws and arrested them but the main accused are roaming free," she said. When she returned from police station, the main accused approached her and threatened to kill her if she repeat the incident again, she alleged. "I do not want the same thing would repeat with other women and I want Justice."

According to the application, Meena (name changed) wrote that when she was raped in the room by a few people. Just after the day, she moved to her parents house in Makreda village. "The main accused Bhanwar Singh approached her and threatened her family that if she said anything to anyone they would kill her," she said in the application.

"The incident is being hushed up under political pressure and we got the information that two MLAs are trying to help the accused," said Pushpender Godhra, advocate of the victim. "Police knows everything and are still not taking action against the accused," said a woman of the village who are terrified by the incident. "The whole village witnessed the incident, but no one is coming out in the open." On the other hand, police officers denied commenting on it and said that the matter is in the court and they would do whatever they are asked to.