Dalit man tries to immolate self, family

LUCKNOW: A Dalit man and his wife tried to immolate themselves and their children in front of the assembly here after they were denied permission by the administration for constructing "Ambedkar Park" on their land in Barabanki district.

Sunderlal (30) and his wife Sonara (28) tried to immolate themselves by sprinkling kerosene in front of Vidhan Bhawan here, Additional Director General Law and Order Brijlal told reporters here.

Sunderlal reached the spot in the morning with his wife and daughters Seema (5) and Anita (3) and attempted immolation.

The couple was, however, arrested as soon as they tried to do so, Brijlal said.

The accused wanted permission to construct "Ambedkar park" on his infertile land in the memory of the Dalit leader.