Language lab to assist tribal children

LOHARDAGA: A noted private school here has launched a digital English language lab to assist tribal children in learning English.

The school has non-tribal students also but majority of students are tribals and are from poor educational background.

Fr Thomas Powthil, the administrator of the school said, "The school first started special classes to understand the problems of the students. Through special classes, teachers come to know the actual problem of students. Our effort helped us in enhancing the learning ability of those students but the pronunciation was still a problem. So we launched a separate lab for them. The lab has a special device-English language corrector-that guides students to read, write and speak correct English" said Powthil adding this lab is helping in achieving the target.

He said correct pronunciation is also important as the school has to respond to an ongoing cultural exchange programme with Klein Seminarie, the house where Fr Leivens had done his schooling at Roeselare in Belgium.

This is the third year when 20 plus-two level students will come by July this year. They reside here for several days and learn the cultural values.