Govt criticised for not granting land to tribals

Kochi , Feb 19 : The Kerala High Court today granted one month time to the government to assign land to about 40 landless tribals in Idukki district.
Considering a writ petition filed by the tribals seeking assignment of land, Justice S Sirijagan said this case poses a&aposdismal picture&aposof insufficiency of the government to safeguard the interest of tribals, who have been promised land.' These promises are broken rather than kept&apos.

The court pointed out that the government every time submits that steps are being taken to assign land and that some mopre time is required. Even after four years nothing has happened, it said.

Since there is no bonafide submission of the government, the court said it was&aposreluctantly&aposgranting one more month to the government to assing land to the tribals.