German technology changing lives of Baiga tribals

While an interface between tradition and technology often leads to the surfacing of conflict-inducing fault lines, just sometimes the two integrate seamlessly to alter lifestyles of those who experience them.

One such example is German technological assistance changing the lives of Baiga tribals of Dindori. Tribals of the Chhapra village, who still trade through the barter system, have achieved a great degree of self-sufficiency through the installation of the Hydraulic Ram or HydRam, as it is popularly known.

The HydRam works without electricity or any other fuel, making it ideal for the remotely located Chhapra village.

The Baiga, a Primitive Tribal Group (PTG), of the Chhapra village in Dindori district of the State have experienced increased farm yields through better irrigation facilities with the installation of the HydRam, reminiscent of the Hindi film ‘Swadesh’.