Initiative to promote tribal medicine

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Body Tree India, an initiative to promote tribal medicine based in Kallar here, has come out with an awareness campaign ‘’one-day school’’.

Coordinator of the programme, Dr Vijayan, president Mainagavally and Satheesh told a news conference here on Saturday that modern man was suffering from several auto-immune diseases. But many of these diseases are not found among the tribals.

They said that Body Tree India, a get-together of tribal people, had been engaged in studying these subjects for the past five years and formed a social health curriculum called ‘’tribal ayurvedam’’.

They said that the modern man had lost his inherent and original style of movement, physical structure and respiratory style.

Today, people are following a wrong style of respiration. If we inhale more air, it will lead to illness. During stress situations, we inhale more air and it becomes a habit uncontrollable to the subconscious mind and brain, they said.

Inhaling air through mouth is also a wrong habit which could lead to ill-health, they said.

Around 400 types of diseases could be avoided through right respiratory habits, they said.

Body Tree India is organising “one-day school programme’’ for promoting good health habits.

It will be formally launched at Kallar on January 26.