No permission sought for reconversion of tribal Christian

SURAT: No permission was sought, as per Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act, 2003 (FRA), from the district magistrate of Surat for the mass reconversion event organised on Monday at Hazira Road in Pal area of the city. On Monday 1,747 people were reconverted by the Shree Sampraday at the event.

"As per law prior permission is required for religious conversion. However, I have not received any application for conversion or reconversion. In fact I don't know about the event taking place," said district collector A J Shah.

The event was organised under the leadership of Jagadguru Narendracharya Maharaj, a Sankracharya of the Shree Sampraday based at Nanijdham in Ratnagiri of Maharashtra. When questioned about the required permission sought from the district magistrate the organisers said that they are not aware about any such law.

"We don't know about any such law and hence we have not taken any permission from the district magistrate. Though we got an affidavit notarised informing about the 1,747 people getting reconverted to Hinduism," said Yashwant More, secretary of Surat District Seva Samiti of Shree Sampraday.
First conversion case was registered in city

First case registered under Gujarat Freedom of Religion Act, 2003 (FRA) was registered in city. The case was registered in February this year following a complaint to the city police commissioner on February 21. In the case, Jagruti Joshi submitted a complaint to the city police commissioner stating that her daught Shradhha's religion was changed by one Junaid Shaikh to marry her on January 24, 2009. Later Junaid surrendered in police with Shradhha and was sent to Shelter Home for Women as she refused to stay either with Junaid or with her parents. Junaid was arrested and the court case is continue in local court here.

Shree Sampraday

Shree Sampraday, headed by Jagadguru Narendracharya Maharaj, 43, a follower of Jagadguru Ramanandji Maharaj, is primarily involved in educational activities. Narendracharyaji became Sankracharya around 15 years ago, his followers inform. The Sampraday is also running reconversion movement across Maharashtra and Gujarat, specifically in tribal regions. Each year the Sampraday organises 10 mass reconversion events in Gujarat. Apart from reconversion, the Sampraday also runs 10 educational institutions in Ratnagiri and involved in child education, adoption and medical facilities.