Tribals protest against Tata’s Chhattisgarh steel project

Bastar(Chhattisgarh), Nov 14(ANI): Hundreds of tribals, including women, in Chhattisgarh’s Bastar district reiterated their opposition at a public hearing against a Tata steel plant project being set up in Bastar.

Tata Steel plans to invest Rs 195 billion in a steel plant spread across 5,000 acres that will create 5.5 million tons of steel per year, but tribals are against it.

“We have to attend this meeting, where around ten villages have participated to protest against the Tata’s steel plant. The Government is asking for our lands, but if we will give away our lands, there will be nothing left with us. How will we earn our living and what will we feed our children with? We don’t want jobs, we just want our lands,” a tribal said.

Environmentalists claim the steel plant will adversely affect the environment and the lifestyle of the people.

Prakash Jha, an environmentalist and a filmmaker, said the government should take steps to ensure environmental safeguards.

“We are not against the development of the region. The construction of the plant is a good thing, as it promises to provide employment opportunities to locals, but this should be evaluated correctly. The Government should take steps to protect against the effects of the industrial plant,” Jha said.

Source: Tribals protest against Tata’s Chhattisgarh steel project