'Chinese troops threaten Ladakhi tribes'

Even as the Chinese continue their incursions into Indian Territory, here is another worrying report that Chinese soldiers intruding into India are now threatening innocent Indian shepherds in the Ladakh area.

This startling piece of information has been revealed in a letter written by the Leh Deputy Commissioner. The letter reveals the Chinese threat made to Indian shepherds in January this year. The letter also makes a startling claim saying the Chinese are even claiming parts of Ladakh as their own.

P Stobden, China Expert, IDSA said, "They came and told our nomads to get out. They said 'Indians get out'. These words were being used very aggressively and they stayed there. I don't know the position right now, whether they have gone back or not."

What makes all this even more alarming is China's past record on incursions. In the past 25 years, China has taken control over at least three areas in Ladakh that initially belonged to India.