SBI aid for tribals, SHGs

MALLARPUR, 24 JULY: The State Bank of India (SBI) has taken an initiative to improve the livelihood of tribal people and people belonging to self help groups (SHG) in Birbhum district.
A team of SBI officials, led by its deputy general manager (DGM) Mr Ashis Roy, visited a tribal village - Meteldanga under Mayureswar I block area - on Thursday. The team members have decided to provide loans with a minimum interest rate for the economic development of the tribal villagers.
“As per our social developmental scheme Apna Gaon, we have chosen this tribal village and will work for the economic uplift of its people. Today we have distributed school uniforms to the students of Meteldanga with the assistance of a local NGO Nai Subha," said Mr Ashis Roy, DGM, SBI.
Apart from the tribal welfare programme, the SBI authorities distributed loans to 30 SHGs who are working to develop house construction and handicrafts manufacturing with minimum interest rate and instalments.
“We planned to start manufacturing different jute and cotton-made goods but a lack of funds had led to the delay. Now we will soon be able to start our factory thanks to the SBI's financial assistance,” said Mrs Falguni Chakraborty, team leader of Mayer Ashirbad SHG.
The bank authority has selected Mallarpur based NGO Nai Subha. It has been monitoring 300 SHGs under NABARD (National Bank for Agricultural and Rural Development) in Mallarpur area to assist the groups and improve their performance.
“We have decided to open a handicraft stall where the women belonging to different groups can sell their products easily. We have plans to make the products available in markets throughout the entire state,” said Mrs Soma Pathak, president, Nai Subha.
The SBI officials are committed to standing beside women fighting to improve their economic conditions in the rural areas of Birbhum. The bank authorities have decided to select two more tribal villages to assist, and will be making efforts to improve their livelihood soon.
In a programme at Mallarpur on Thursday the SBI authorities adopted three poor students. The students' education expenses would be completely provided for by the bank.