Malaria Hits Indian Tribal Village


20 Indian Nagesia tribes people have died of malaria in the last 20 days. Lack of proper drinking water and dirty surroundings is helping the spread of malaria among the Kukudpaat villagers.

The villagers drink water from a waterfall after collecting it in a tank.  It’s an active breeding ground for mosquitoes.

[Budhan Nagesia, Villager]:
"We are drinking water from a waterfall as there is no proper drinking water facility in the village, because of that there has been an outbreak of malaria here."

With no roads and other means of communication, it’s not easy for the villagers to get to hospital for early treatment. 

[MK Das, National Institute Malaria Research Center]:
"So far 89 cases of plasmodium falciparum malaria have been reported. We are treating them and they are somewhat better."

Ignorance and old habits are adding to the problem.

[Anima Tigya, Village Nurse]:
"I tell them to keep their surroundings clean but they don't listen and take offence. When I tell them to boil water before drinking they refuse saying they are used to drinking fresh water and not stored water."

Around the world, malaria is the most significant parasitic disease of humans.  It claims the lives of more children worldwide than any other infectious disease.