Centre seeks explanation from Mayawati on Noida park project

NEW DELHI - Ministry of Environment and Forest has sought an explanation from Uttar Pradesh government over alleged violation of environmental laws in construction of a park in NOIDA

Uttar Pradesh Government is constructing Memorial Park in 33-hectare area along the Yamuna Riverbed in Sector 15 -A of NOIDA.

State government is installing statues of Chief Minister Mayawati, her political mentor Kanshi Ram, and Dr B. R. Ambedkar in this park. This park is a new addition to the controversial statue installation projects taken up by the Mayawati’s government.

Residents and environmentalists are opposing to the statue installations as it violated the green law.

Earlier, the team of Indian Forest Service officers sent by the Central Government to probe the alleged violations found out that around 6,000 trees have been chop down for the project. Their report also pointed that the State government ignored an environment impact assessment required for such a projects.

“The team during its field visit found that the state government lacks a strong stand on environment appraisal and forestry appraisal. The team opined that the state government should have taken forest and environment clearances. To consider the opinion of the state government, we have asked for their comments,” said Union Minister of State for Environment and Forest Jai Ram Ramesh on Saturday in National Capital

Earlier this week a two-Judge Bench of the Supreme Court refused to intervene in the statue installation projects of UP government.