Tribal Myths in North-Eastern India

North Eastern India, features the diverse ethnic culture and linguistic states from other states of the country. Among the various existing tribal colony in its states and territories, the Naga Tribe of Nagaland is famous for their mythic belief, ruling their caste and religion. Lets get a snippet of what surprising facts, underline their fairs and festivals.

The Naga Tribes believe to worship the God of Earthquake, who according to them is the supreme creator of earth out of water and the Son of this God guides the mankind. They strongly believe that God lives in the midst of mountains, dense forest, underneath the rivers and lakes. And as such, a series of rituals take place among the social groups. They erect a typical stone monuments nearby their houses, with the sole belief of family protection against any evil spirit.

Tribal carry the myths of witchcraft and unconscious dreams, that they can give their utmost input to fulfill them. A strange practice of slaughtering lies in their community. Some groups sacrifice their dogs or pigs before the onset of their wood carving or farming. The age-old head-hunting was prime concern for growing fertile crops and as such they were largely depended on sprinkling animal blood over the fields. But the cruel practice ceased in the early 20th century, thereby, indicating the extinction of social stigma.

Naga people belief the philosophy of rebirth and as such the dead are buried in the direction from which their ancestors have come. Many built a separate grave-yard before their death, while in some case, the burial takes place in the house premises, only.