It's Tribal all over

One of the biggest fashion trends around the world this year is the tribal trend. Accessories play an important part in everybody's life and it represents your personality and style. Being a stylist and fashionista, I love all kinds of accessories. From Native American earrings to Indian embroidered shawls to African necklaces, it's tribal again! It’s a fusion of ethnic blend with modern time. You will find plenty of beautiful accessories depicting the tribal fashion trend.

Tribal design shawls

Shawls are embroidered in tribal designs and it's a great way to accent your wardrobe. Basically embroidered shawls are from India. They are created by handloom weavers of Kutch region of Gujarat. These beautiful shawls come in a variety of colours from pastels to bright. It is wonderfully rustic and primevally appealing. They make perfect evening shawls. And above all, the embroidery is unique and exotic. Tribal shawls or scarfs are a perfect way of making a small acknowledgement to this trend.

Wooden beaded necklaces

Necklaces made from large, chunky wooden beads are a great example of the tribal trend. These necklaces go well with everything from casual attires to evening wears. If you are not much of a necklace person, then you can try wearing it on your hands like a bracelet and that really makes a fashion statement.

Tribal bangles

Bangles and cuff bracelets are hot right now. This accessory would look great with plain colour dresses. To highlight these bangles, go for a darker coloured top like black and make sure that you don't wear other chunky earrings or necklaces and that would look bizarre. When you wear a big chunky ornament keep the other accessories minimal so that it helps to emphasis only the particular accessory.

Turquoise and feather

Turquoise accessories are quite in, this season and they are basically inspired from the Native American region. Turquoise accessory complements any casual outfit, whether they are beaded earrings or chains, it goes well with denims and t-shirts. Feather fashion earrings are also very popular this season. The colours and texture gives a new rage to the personality and it’s so in trend.

Tribal design rings

Pop into any accessory shop and you will find tribal design rings. The tribal collection features unique designs from around the world that have a native or tribal feel or motif. This stainless steel ring would make a great gift for the man in your life. It's inexpensive, trendy and yet funky.

African necklaces

Look for African necklaces created from bronze, beads and other stones. Wear a heavy metal or a beaded necklace and team it up with linen white kurtha or a white short sleeved shirt. They are very cool and casual for college-goers and it gives a chic look.