Dalit organisations set up Cell to monitor any discrimination against Dalits during Lok Sabha polls

NEW DELHI, April 10 : Dalit organisations in India have set up a Cell here to monitor any discrimination meted out to Dalits in casting their votes during upcoming Lok Sabha polls.

Dalits have been asked by the organisations to register their complaints with the Cell. Sub‑offices of the Cell will also be established in important cities.
Such Cell set up during state polls in Rajasthan last year received a large number of complaints about discriminations against Dalits.
On receiving the complaints, the Cell will immediately conveyed them to Election Commission.
Meanwhile, the Indian Election Commission has announced to put on service Over 2,000 Observers for monitoring polls in Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Sikkim.
The Observers have been taken from Indian Administrative Service, Revenue, Forest and State Civil Services. The observers will also be deployed in other states also.

The Commission will also post nearly 1.5 lakh micro observers who would be placed inside the polling stations during the polls.