In the ancient times untill recent years, the indigenous communities of India had their own way of imparting justice and maintaining of law and order situation in the country which was Just, Quick, mathematical, cheaper and Honest one through their own indigenous panchayat and not the fabricated one made at the time of Nathuram Mirdha and others.

The indigenous peoples of the country like Tribals, Dalits and Other Backward Classes(OBC) who are more than 2000 today, had their own way of maintaining legal system which was much cheaper, honest, quick, transparent, mathematical and quick as comparred to the corrupt, expensive where justice is also since delayed, denied.

In the tribal communities of India even today these traditional customs, norms and values are prevalent every where including the 80% of the indigenous population of the country. Only the Government has overtaken the legal responsibility at the cost of huge expenses, delay in imparting justice and where tribal / Adivasi / indigenous communities are financially and other ways get burdened, exhausted ending themselves in huge debts in every village for no benefits of their own except those dealing their files and papers.

This is one of the reason why the tribal India is getting poorer and poorer, year after year, and the money is getting accumulated in the hands of those who are growing reacher and depriving them, at the cost of these tribal communities.

The tribals/Adivais/indigenous communities have their own conventional laws to safeguard their human rights and cultural rights which are breached by the more able ones to improve in a way their own situation and imposing their own way of life style which causes lots of harm, delay justice, impoverishing them totally and subjugating at last in several ways. In this field the harm done and human rights breached are beyond all repartition and measures in all possible ways. Even though in the recent times the Government of India has enancted lots of good laws in support of the weaker, marginalised, nomads, indiginous, Adivasis and tribal in other words for the benefits of the deprived ones. But it proved contrary, instead of improving the situation of the tribals or Adivasis it is regressing and deteriorating further. Then what is the advantage of maintaining such corrupt and unhealthy system....?

Today the situation demands to revive healthy and more practical tribal system which is totally transparent, just, their own or indigenous panchayat. Why to 'import' and impose which can not be assimilated and integrated only causing harm to the tribal communities at the cost of human rights and cultural rights. The tribals or Adivasis should go back to older system of the Adivasi Panchayats / Tribal Courts in India, which were pure, quick, cheaper and a hundred times better than the one introduced for the well being of non tribals.