Teacher snips off dalit students' hair in Ballia

Ballia (Uttar Pradesh), Mar 20 : In a bizarre incident, two teachers snipped off the hair of eleven students in a school here for allegedly breaking the electicity board in the classroom.

The teachers, Sushil Kumar Rai and Sarju Prasad Mishra cut short the hair of the students of a Saraiya Junior High School for breaking the electricity board in the classroom. The two teachers, allegedly locked the students in a room and thrashed them severely.

Most of the victim students are dalits. One of the beaten students received arm fractured in thrashing.

The teachers were also accused of misbehaving with the parents of the wards.

The police arrested Sushil kumar Rai following complaints by the students whose hair was cut off.

Charges against the two teachers were framed under SC/ST act including many other sections.