Ghotul, a gateway to modern tribal life

The seamless beauty of traditional life with modern thinking comes with a glimpse into the Ghotul learning center. India is popular for its indifferent tribal culture and its society of rules and regulations. Lets have a look into the adhivasi tribal center in Chhattisgarh, India.

Ghotul, in Bastar region of Chhattisgarh plays a vital role in developing the life and culture of Muria Gond tribal groups. This autonomous institution speaks a lot of the moral messages of freedom and happiness; friendliness and sympathy; hospitality and unity. The institution understands no material gain and treasures human love and its physical expression of truth, understanding and clarity. The institution is taken care by mutual understanding among both male and female individuals. boys and girls at their tender age of six years are entitled with its membership and social responsibilities. The female workers are known as 'Motiyaris' whereas the male workers are known as 'Cheliks'. One interesting fact lies the development concerning the women folk. Beside participating actively in decision-making policies, women are assigned with the administrative task at the Ghotul. Unlike other traditional societies the women are not bound to the hard and fast rule of spouse-selection, arrange marriage and pre-marital conditions. The institution also aims at teaching the skilful activity of leaf-weaving, vegetable-growing, ash-cleaning and wood-carving. Typically known as dormitory, this institution is also one step ahead in spreading sex-education in the society.