Orissa's Tribals at a glance

By Smaranika Nanda

Bhubaneswar : The Ministry of Tourism is now taking number of initiatives to overcome the global economic meltdown, the Mumbai terrorist strikes made the industry suffer it’s worst over crisis. Foreign tourist got scared after seeing television images of the tourists being targeted in the mumbai and there were panic cancellations all over India.

In this gloomy scenario Orissa tourism department with the help of tribal development organisations has organised an annual ‘tribal fair’ near Unit-1 tribal ground.

Tribal tration and culture are remarkable ,our duty is necessary to protect and preserve it’s beauty. On the eve of Republic a ‘Tribal fair’ was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

He has appreciated the importance and incredibility of tribal books and works of many NGO’s working towards the development of deprived and marginalised people in remote areas of Orissa.

He has highlighted the tribal tradition and cultural is importance to making the beauty of Orissa in the field of tourism.

There are many organisations like NRHM,CYSD,ORMAS,OCRI,BOYNIKA,OMFED,ITDA and many other Non Government organisation were taken participation in this fair.

There are 102 different stalls with different products and items were displayed from different tribal areas of Orissa which indicate the exchange of universal brotherhood and social relationship among them.Basically their product consists of daily usable items on regular basis like Food items, forest products, art and scriptures which are rarely found.

The main focus of this fair is to promote tribal products like honey, sause, pickles, spices, herbal power,packs etc.

Which are made of renewable resources ,biodegradable products which are eco-friendly in nature. The approach of this fair is to advocate the natural establishment of Agri-export zones of tribal areas of Orissa in both tourism and agriculture sector.

The participation of various tribal people is to promote the people centred advocacy by building the strength of Gram-sangathans,and implementing micro level planning at village level. In this fair so many Non-Govt. organisations were encouraged them to creating beautiful and attractive products which are later demanding in the market by the tourists.

So training and awareness building carrying out on Panchayat resource centres are giving training and discarnate information to the countries in order to provide sustainable livelyhood. Primary education etc.

Benefits to the tribal people which are the main attraction in the field of tourism. In this fair stall,displaying paintings of about 62 tribal cultures and their lifestyles was a major crowed –puller.

They gave the visitors an opportunity to watch their deft fingures at work ,as they created beautiful handicrafts .This fair has provided us with a platform to interacts with the urban people.

This gives us an idea about their likes and choices. In this fair tribals arts and crafts are so attractive and demanding in the field of tourism. So the main interaction of the fair is that the people got a chance to see the best of what Orissa’s tribal culture had to offer.