Tribals sold lands for meager amount

BANDIPUR: The government provided houses and lands to the tribals. But the latter sold them and now, lives a poor life. This is the story of uneducated tribals near Bandipur.

Government gave them free land to cultivate, implements, houses, free solar fencing, gobar gas plant, smokeless chulas to these tribes.

Many tribals have either sold their properties for meager amount because they are ignorant of value of land. Though the present cost of the land is Rs 4 to 5 lakh per acre, many tribals are selling the land to farmers at throw away price. And the money they get from selling lands is spent on alcohol. Instead of tilling their lands, they work as daily wagers in others' fields near the Bandipur National Park.

"We would have properly utilized the government programmes and support and led a comfortable life," they regret. Beera said: "Now we will see that at least our children get better education."

But unlike Beera, some tribals are still reluctant to send their girl children to school. They are worried about their security. Sita's daughter has completed middle school, but she is reluctant to send her to study further. Reason: the girl needs to trek 15 to 20 km.

Though the houses in Mangala, a tribal settlement, has no electricity supply, people have got dish antenna installed on their rooftops.

Sakava, a housewife says: "People here do not save money, they are not worried about tomorrow. As soon as they get money they spend it on useless things, so we thought the antenna would be a better way of using money."