India is the land of many cultures where not only few 20-25 communities’ cultures are being given prominence, as we often see on the national programmes in the country. Sometimes it can be also noticed that these tribals or indigenous or Adivasi folk dances are much better than those of the other peoples who have not only encroached tribal geographical space but every area of their life, such as social, cultural, political, religious, linguistic, art, music, singing, paintings, food habits etc.

The Bhils of mainly of four prominent states, such as Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat, have rich heritages of folk, indigenous or Adivasi or tribal heritage culture especially in the forms of dances besides many other folk elements of their cultural traditions. But the folk dances are particularly being ignored in educational syllabus, public occasions, daily life and so only. Only the prominent community’s dances are being encouraged and exposed regularly. The tribals should remain related to their cultural roots; otherwise remaining indigenous peoples also shall be geared to become Dalits and impoverished. Media does every now and then, more constructive and innovative exposures in many of such areas of tribal/Adivasi and indigenous peoples social and cultural forums to protect and preserve their cultural rights and age old sacred and cultural heritage in India.

The Bhils of these four states besides, in other states too, have over 3 dozens of beautiful dances regularly performed in romantic and colourful costumes on the occasions of Bhil Bhagoria and other festivals which are being totally being ignored at the cost of promoting their own folk dances in the Bhilanchal. It is due to the tribals/Adivasi or an indigenous person, India is colourful and beautiful. These were the original cultures and folk dances of India and that to of the majority peoples. Should the cultural heritage of the Bhils, in this context their age old folk dances, which provided meaning in oppressed and exploited life and filled them with mental, physical and spiritual energies, in the difficult times times, of social, cultural, and political invasions by peoples encroaching in their tribal geographical habitats, be lost forever from their noble and beautiful tribal folk life..........?