Bamboo opens new avenues of livelihood for tribals in Tamil Nadu

Kanappar Nagar (TN), Jan 28 (ANI): Tribals living in Tamil Nadu make eye-catching various artifacts from bamboo to sustain their livelihood.

The tribals of Kurvas community in Kanappar Nagar village have taken up the ork of making bamboo-weaving as a source of income to run the family.

The work comes easy for the people as bamboo-weaving is a traditionalccupation.
Bamboo-weaving for them is not just work. It is a craft that calls for hundred percent concentration and careful hand-and-eye coordination besides dexterity of fingers.
It has opened a new avenue for livelihood that helps them to reduce the financial burden.
“We, more than 500 families, are living here. We are traditionally basket-weaving community. We buy bamboo, weave them and sell. We reap a considerable profit. Through this, we are running the family for many years. We have no other alternative available.” said Kala, a basket weaver.
Kurvas community originally hailed from Vellore district. They migrated from their villages about 40 years ago in search of employment and ended up on the city’s pavements.
Plight of these weavers worsens as they are denied of direct access to forest produce. They buy bamboo from markets in Otteri, Vyasarpadi and Moolakadai.
The vagaries of nature also affect the life of the weavers. Whenever there is heavy rain, their business is hit.
“We don’t have other means of livelihood. The government should take up some steps to better our life,” said Sampath, another basket weaver.
Used as primary material for making houses and handicrafts of varied designs, bamboo is now put to diverse uses. By Jai Kumar (