Gorkha Tribal Instruments

An Exclusive from Roshan Pradhan, South Sikkim

The instrument in the front is the leather made musical instrument that is usually used in celebrations by Tamang tribals called domphu one that is hanging with coloured clothes rapped is also made of leather tighten on metal frame is also a musical instrument but is used as to sent an intimation . different types /rhythms of beats signifies whether it is a wedding or a death rituals. It is used mostly by Limbu tribals , Tamangs and Buddhist people. It is called nagara . It is in pair and has 2 short sticks to beat the both .It the old day when the population was less and scattered the nagara used to be the mode to communication especially to inform the relative and surround about the death of their dear one. The smoke that come from the local plant called tetypati is an sign of welcome and believed to cast off evil sprite from the visitor body.

Courtesy : http://beacononline.wordpress.com/2008/01/28/gorkha-tribal-instruments/